Pistol Range Etiquette: 4 Things To Know 

Whether you’ve visited a pistol range in the past or it’s your first time heading to one, understanding the ins and outs of the range is crucial for keeping you and others safe. This includes everything from transporting your firearm to the range safely, wearing the right attire, and bringing other items (or leaving them at home) with you that you will need. 

The next time you visit a pistol range in your area, be sure to remember these rules to ensure you’re checking all of the boxes and following safety rules. 

1. Bring Your Firearm Cased And Unloaded 

At many indoor shooting ranges, drawing from the holster is not allowed. It is required that you bring any outside firearms into the range cased and unloaded. If you choose to conceal carry, keep your firearm holstered until you reach your bench. Always err on the side of caution when it comes to firearms and respecting those around you. 

2. Wear Appropriate Clothing 

If you haven’t recently visited a pistol range, you may not realize that many require specific clothing and have a dress code to follow. Shirt, pants, and shoes are always required. Due to hot brass, we also suggest using a hat and avoiding open-toed shoes, low-cut shirts, shorts, and baggy clothing.

When in doubt, check the range’s website you’re planning to visit or call their team to inquire about attire. 

3. Understand A Cease-Fire

During a session on the range, a Range Safety Office can call for a cease-fire, meaning every shooter has to stop. Wait for further instructions from the Range Safety Officer. Likely, you will be instructed to unload their gun, lock the slide or cylinder open, place it on the bench, and step behind the line of fire. 

Cease-fires can be called for a variety of reasons. There could be a medical issue or a need to walk downrange to check equipment. Remain behind the line and do not touch any firearm during a cease-fire. 

Once the employee or shooter is done downrange and everyone is prepared to continue, the RSO will call the command to commence firing. At this time, you can step past the line and handle your firearm once again.

4. Things To Bring With You 

If you’re planning to shoot with your own firearm, be sure to bring that along in its case, unloaded. You may also want to bring your own ammunition, eye protection, earplugs, and targets. While these are all available at most ranges, some individuals prefer to bring their own. 

You will also want to bring a signed waiver or complete the waiver online prior to visiting a new range for the first time. For any other needed equipment or safety information, be sure to call your local range as each one can vary from location to location. 

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