Indoor Shooting Range Near Philadephia, PA

$29 for a one-hour range session
Add a second or third person for $15 each.


For groups of 5 or more, please call ahead to confirm shooting range availability

Special hero pricing is available for military, police, and first responders

Ammo &

A variety of shooting sports and firearm accessories in stock

70+ Firearms Available to Rent

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Choose a wide range of popular brands and exciting, unusual firearms. Our rental inventory allows you to enjoy a variety of firearms while having the peace of mind that each firearm is safe and ready for action.

First time at Shoot Indoors?

Earn Your Safe Shooter Card

We are committed to ensuring that all of our guests have a safe, fun shooting experience at our indoor range. We require all first-time guests to demonstrate proficiency in the fundamental firearm safety rules, after which they will receive a safe shooter card. The cost for this initial orientation, assessment, and safe shooter card is $15. For novice shooters, we offer private instruction and packages to help develop safe firearm handling practices and pass the safety assessment. 

Safe Shooter key card

The personnel are outstanding. I would recommend anybody to start to shooting here. 

Stacey C.

Philadelphia, PA

First Time at a shooting range?

As a first-time guest, you will go through the Shoot Indoors safety orientation. The orientation begins with a one-on-one safety briefing followed by an introduction to the range and tips for safe, effective firearm handling. Additional training is available as needed.

The safety orientation ensures that all guests have the best possible experience at Shoot Indoors and maintains a safe environment for you and anyone else who uses the shooting range.

Shoot Indoors KOP Buddy Policy for Renting a Firearm

The safety of our customers and team is our highest priority. When renting a firearm, we follow the industry’s best practice of requiring at least two people to shoot together. All shooters must either bring their own firearm, or if they intend to rent a firearm, they must bring a buddy. No shooter will be permitted to rent a firearm if they are alone to ensure the safest possible shooting experience for our customers and employees.

If you would like to rent a firearm but do not have a second person to shoot with, we have a variety of packages and training programs available that provide the opportunity to shoot with a Range Safety Officer or Certified Instructor.

We appreciate your willingness to work with us to make responsible firearm use a top priority and help keep our communities safe.