How To Choose The Right Indoor Gun Range In Philadelphia

When it comes to shooting ranges in Philadelphia, there are many options. So how do you know which range is right for you? A hands-on training experience may be the top priority. Or maybe you’re looking for a family-friendly facility. Whatever you’re searching for, we’re sharing things to consider when choosing an indoor shooting range in Philadelphia to visit. 

1. Safety First 

Safety should remain a top priority on your list, and finding a gun range that also keeps safety top of mind is essential. Safety is critical to protect the employees and the range equipment.  A strong commitment to safety measures and certified range safety officers ensure you and your family are safe on the range, too. 

Whether range participants are first-time shooters or seasoned vets, safety doesn’t allow for cutting corners. Be sure to ask your potential range what safety measures they have in place. You will want to choose a range that requires outside firearms to be brought in cased and unloaded when not in use, firearms that remain on the benches in the stalls and are always only pointed down range, and offers safety courses for all participants. 

2. Rentals and Features 

Do you have firearms of your own or are rentals important to you? If you’re looking to try out different firearms, we recommend you choose a range that offers a variety of rentals. In addition to rentals, many ranges also offer additional features and benefits for members

Other features to consider include classes, training, and events. 

3. Clean Air and Facilities

Clean air is always important, but with Covid still prominent in many Philadelphia areas, clean air is even more essential than ever. Ask your range about their air filtration system to ensure your air is clean and properly filtered. Shoot Indoors KOP uses a medical-grade Hepa HVAC air filtration system which we recommend you look for at your local range. 

Cleanliness is also a top priority for many range goers, and finding a facility that prioritizes a clean environment with bathrooms and hand washing stations is important. Shoot Indoors KOP puts clean facilities at the top of their list. 

“Great staff. Beautiful clean range. The RO’s are terrific.”  

Marc C.

4. Friendly Staff

Ranges should provide a fun and welcoming environment for shooters of all skill levels. Having Range Safety Officers and front desk staff who make you feel comfortable and confidently answer your questions helps create an experience you won’t soon forget. While you can read reviews online (and we definitely encourage you to!), nothing beats visiting the range in person. Stop in for a tour to get a sense of the facility.

“Hands down the best indoor range I’ve been to around Philadelphia. Super clean, friendliest staff who gave me some tips, plenty of merchandise (even concealed carry handbags!!!), gun rentals, separate lanes for handgun vs rifle, plenty of restrooms, list goes on and on. Definitely coming back!”

Steffane C. 

Visit Shoot Indoors KOP

While you’re vetting your local ranges and finding the right one for you, we encourage you to visit Philadelphia’s newest premium indoor range, Shoot Indoors KOP. We are conveniently located at 514 Shoemaker Rd in King of Prussia, PA. 

These items and more are all top priorities for our team. We aim to create a welcoming experience for all shooters and put safety, fun, and cleanliness high on our list.