6 Fun Team Building Activities To Try In Philadelphia, PA

Team building is a great way to bring people together and build bonds that extend far beyond the day of your activity. Whether it’s a group of friends, extended family members, or a work gathering of employees, Philadelphia offers a variety of fun and engaging team-building activities that your group may want to consider for your next get-together. 

Have fun, problem solve, and get to know those around you better. Check out these six activities you’ll surely want to try soon with your group! 

Try an escape room 

Escape rooms have become increasingly popular the last few years and with good reason. They’re a fun and engaging way to practice your problem-solving skills. Philadelphia has a variety of escape rooms to choose from, all with different themes and puzzles to solve. Bring a small group or sign up for a larger gathering to think outside the box and escape your situation before time runs out. 

These rooms are known for their impact on problem-solving abilities and increased camaraderie. As highly sought-after for team-building activities, escape rooms bring teams closer together and allow people to work with one another, practice communication skills, and connect on new levels. 

Practice your aim at Shoot Indoors 

An indoor shooting range may not be something you’ve thought of for team-building, but it’s a wonderful team building opportunity you should consider. Especially for teams looking to try something new and get away from traditional team-building activities, Shoot Indoors in King of Prussia has packages designed for teams like yours

Gather in the spacious and relaxing meeting rooms, hit the range with your team and one of our Range Safety Officers, and learn a new skill you can continue to craft long after the event. Shooting ranges allow participants to build self-confidence, engage in a potentially new activity, and have fun while doing so. Try some of our fun activities your group can enjoy together.  

Ride together at Chamounix 

For the nature-loving group, finding an activity like horseback riding may be the perfect team-building activity to try. The former police stable at Chamounix is a wonderful place to gather with others and is often easy to book – because it’s a best kept secret in the city.

Enjoy riding the gentle giants at Chamounix with friends, coworkers, or others along for the ride. Activities here are fun for everyone, help participants learn the importance of nonverbal communication, and give all participants a chance to trust themselves. In addition to horseback riding, Chamounix offers polo classes that your group may want to try.  

Jump from new heights at iFLY skydiving 

Is your team extremely adventurous? If so, you need a team-building activity that gets on the team’s level – and doing the ultimate trust fall may be the right fit. However, indoor skydiving at iFLY in King of Prussia will surely get your heart racing for those wanting adventure, challenge, and a chance to bond together. 

While this activity requires a higher level of courage, this is a great option for some groups. Your team will experience a rush of adrenaline and can practice trust with one another. Encourage one another, celebrate each person’s dive, and make memories that will truly last a lifetime. 

Cheer for the home team 

With endless sports to watch in the City of Brotherly and Sisterly Love, gathering together at a game of your choice is a fun and lowkey way to enjoy your team’s company outside of the traditional office setting. This is a great activity for teams who have a lot of different interests that span far and wide. Sporting events can be fun for everyone and you can even plan games and engagements while at the game itself. 

Grab dinner after the game or combine this fun activity with one of the others on our list!

Enjoy a round of golf 

For teams that don’t just love to watch sports but love to participate, a round of golf at a local course is a fun way to get your entire team involved. Golf encourages participants to cheer for one another, hone their own skills, and work together as a team. Most golf courses also offer meeting areas or private rooms that your group can gather in and use as needed, too. 

Plan your Philadelphia team outing 

The team at Shoot Indoors KOP would love to help you plan your next team outing in the Philadelphia area. Our team packages can be customized for your group’s specific needs and interests. Start the conversation with us today!