Frequently Asked Questions

Training FAQ's

We expect to start classroom sessions after the holidays. In the meantime we are offering private instruction which is 1-hour with a private instructor customized to your needs. Please contact us to set up training.

If you are a beginner, we require firearm training to enhance proficiency and safety. We do require first time shooters to sign our waiver and review our range rules before using our facilities. We also offer private instruction for everyone from beginners to veteran shooters. Please contact us to set up training.

While we invite those interested in training others to apply to join our team, personal trainers are not authorized to use our range for any monetary gain or solicitation of services. At no time can customers of Shoot Indoors KOP train, certify, qualify, or instructor another customer without prior written authorization from Shoot Indoors KOP management for liability and safety reasons. 

Sessions that violate this rule, will be ended upon their discovery without a refund to any party. If you are interested in an event promoted by any third-party that is not Shoot Indoors KOP official, please note the event will be shut down and Shoot Indoors KOP will not be liable for any reimbursements or losses. 

Range FAQ's

We have 12 lanes divided into two bays. One bay has 5 lanes that are 12 yards long. One bay has 7 lanes that are 20 yards long.

The range is open to the public. The walk-in rate is $29 for the day for the first shooter and $10 for each additional shooter (up to 3 shooters per lane). You must be 10 years or older to use the range. For guests who use the range frequently, we offer a membership option.

In our small bay all handgun calibers are permitted. In our large bay we permit up to 30-06. Our large bay trap can handle up to .50 BMG, but large caliber rifles will only be accommodated on a special event basis. No tracer or incendiary rounds are permitted. Shotguns may be shot at the range using slugs only.

Yes, we have a large selection of handguns and long guns for rent. All rentals must use in-store purchased ammunition.

We require that all firearms be unloaded and cased when being transported to the range. If you are carrying concealed, you must keep your firearm concealed while in our facility.

When you come, make sure your firearm remains cased until you reach the shooting range bench. If it is your first time shooting with us a waiver must be completed online, prior to checking in. When you arrive, come to the range desk and check-in. You will need a picture ID (driver’s license or passport) to check-in, which will be held while you are in the range. Range staff will assign you a lane and ensure you are prepared to enter the range. You can purchase ammunition, targets, and eye and ear protection at the check-in station.

Yes, we do allow outside ammunition. However, tracer or incendiary rounds of any kind are not allowed. Shotguns must use slugs only.

Our targets are adjustable to your preferred distance. This allows for shooters to practice at various distances to help with ballistics and knowing precise shot placements.

The backstop of our range is capable of stopping high-power rifle fire. We have concrete-filled masonry walls, ballistic shooting stalls, and an industry-leading ventilation system. This range has been designated with safety as the number one priority.

Minors are welcome and are the future of our sport. Youth shooters must be 10 years of age or above, and all shooters under the age of 21 will need a parent or guardian present in order to shoot.

Yes, we have designed wheelchair accessible stalls

General FAQ's

No. Memberships are non transferable and only usable by the purchasing member.

Yes, private use of cameras is allowed. Keep safety in mind when using a camera on the range.

Shirt, pants, and closed-toe shoes are required. Due to hot brass we suggest using a hat. Open-toed shoes, low-cut shirts, shorts and baggy clothing are not permitted.