First Time Visiting A Shooting Range? Here’s What You Can Expect

For newbies visiting an indoor shooting range for the first time, knowing what to expect can be nerve-wracking. Am I supposed to do anything ahead of time? What questions should I ask? What does the process typically look like? 

If you have these questions and others, know that you’re not alone! It’s helpful to do a little research to know what to expect when heading to a range. By understanding our process for new visitors at Shoot Indoors KOP, you’ll have a benchmark as you determine what works best for you. Many other ranges have a similar process in place, but feel free to call your local indoor range if you have other questions or want to see if their setup is similar. 

When visiting an indoor range, this is what you can expect:

Step 1: Sign A Waiver 

Before entering the range, you can prepare for your visit online. Most ranges offer an online waiver that must be signed before you can use their facilities. But don’t worry, if you don’t have a chance to sign the waiver ahead of time, you can also complete it at the range. If this is the case, plan to arrive at the range about 10 minutes before you plan to shoot or arrive for an event so you have time to read through the information and ask any questions you may have. Completing it ahead of time simply allows you to use your phone or computer at your convenience and save time at the range.

Step 2: Safety Orientation 

Safety orientations don’t happen at all ranges, but they should. At Shoot Indoors KOP, we require all new visitors (of any skill level) to participate in our safety orientation and understand our range safety rules. The safety orientation ensures that all guests have the best possible experience at Shoot Indoors and maintains a safe environment for you, our team, and anyone else who uses the shooting range. With this in place, all range participants use best practices and understand the range rules and procedures

At Shoot Indoors, our safety orientation does cost $15, so you may want to ask your local range if a similar orientation is required and how much it costs. 

Step 3: Facility Orientation

As part of your safety orientation, the range safety officers will give you a tour of the facility so you know where to find everything. Our Range Safety Officers (RSO) offer concierge service to you since we have most everything you need. This includes ammunition, rental firearms, and targets available right in the range, so you can maximize your time actually shooting. 

Our facility orientation will help you with everything, including: 

  • Understanding the layout of the indoor range
  • Knowing the location of sinks and bathrooms to wash the lead off your hands
  • Navigating the retails space to find accessories, gear, and more

With the help of the facility orientation, you’ll easily be able to find your way around the range and store. But we’re always here to help if you do have questions or need help finding what you’re looking for. 

Step 4: Get Started Shooting

Now, you’re ready to take your first shots! Our Range Safety Officers are always on the range with customers, so we help you feel confident and comfortable using the range. If you have questions about how to shoot, which firearm is best for you, or are looking for other personalized individual training, many ranges, including ours, also offer private instruction sessions. 

Give your local range a call to learn more about their processes and procedures.