5 Reasons To Use An Indoor Shooting Range This Winter

Winter is officially here, and with it comes cold temperatures, wind, and snow. While some days it’s refreshing to spend time outdoors, winter is the perfect time to practice shooting sports – inside! 

If you’ve never visited an indoor range before, you may have some questions or wonder why you should stop in. We’re sharing 5 reasons why now is the perfect time to get to your local indoor range – like Shoot Indoors KOP in the Philadelphia area. 

#1: Avoid the Elements

Whether you love the cold or not, the weather in the winter months in Pennsylvania can be brutal. The combination of cold temperatures and wind makes shooting outdoors more of a challenge. Cold hands and wet conditions aren’t ideal for firearm use. But an indoor shooting range is a great alternative. 

Avoid the annoyances that come with shooting outdoors in the winter by visiting your local indoor gun range. For those in the Philadelphia area, Shoot Indoors KOP is a wonderful choice.  The state-of-the-art HVAC system keeps the range at a balmy 70 degrees year-round.

#2: Close to Home

Choosing indoor activities that keep you out of the cold can often be easier said than done. Especially in the Philadelphia area, traveling even just a few miles into the city can take forever with traffic. Choose an activity close to home like indoor shooting at Shoot Indoors KOP. We are outside of the city in King of Prussia, making our location extremely convenient to get to and saving you the hassle of navigating city traffic. 

#3: Top-Rated Facilities

When it comes to an indoor range, the facility and amenities matter. Shoot Indoors KOP offers the newest technology, from a state of the art air filtration systems to friendly and helpful staff that answer your questions and make sure safety is the top priority. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what customers are saying!

“Hands down the best indoor range I’ve been to around Philadelphia. Super clean, friendliest staff who gave me some tips, plenty of merchandise (even concealed carry handbags!!!), gun rentals, separate lanes for handgun vs rifle, plenty of restrooms, list goes on and on. Definitely coming back!”

“The ranges have superior sound dampening which my ears really appreciate, and it takes out a lot of the concussive forces. Touchscreen lane controls and a nice lane barrier give shooters plenty of space to store belongings instead of just putting them on the floor. Highly recommend this place for both new and experienced shooters.”

“Very friendly staff, nice clean indoor range. Very accommodating and reasonably priced. Will definitely be going again. 20 yards is the max for rifle bays and the range officer was very attentive with cleaning up the brass on the ground and personable when making conversation.” 

#4: Try Something New

If you’ve never experienced an indoor shooting range or even picked up a firearm, we understand that you may need some guidance to learn the fundamentals, build confidence and be ready to shoot. At Shoot Indoors KOP, we welcome shooters of all experience levels to learn, sharpen their skills, and enjoy an exciting experience with our staff and others. 

We also offer one-on-one training and private instruction for those wanting a more personalized session. We answer your questions, show you the steps to a great first shot, and guide you every step of the way. With the new year kicking off, now is the perfect time to try something new and focus on cultivating your skills this year. 

#5: Safety First

At Shoot Indoors KOP, safety is our first priority. Always. We want our customers, staff, and community to feel safe and comfortable both on and off the range. Our range safety officers provide hands-on training on the range to ensure everyone is following safety guidelines and feels comfortable with their surroundings. 

Our training and safety procedures translate outside of the range too. For those wanting to learn more about firearms for personal safety, the skills and knowledge that you gain at Shoot Indoors will be helpful when you step away from the facility too. 

Shooting safely is fun and necessary — let us show you!

Visit Shoot Indoors

If you have any interest in learning about shooting indoors this winter, we hope you find these reasons enough to give Shoot Indoors KOP a try. We welcome shooters of all skill levels and locals and tourists alike. Contact our team with any questions and we can’t wait to see you here soon!