New Self-Defense Classes in Philadelphia, PA

We are excited to welcome Fit to FIght to Shoot Indoors KOP. In October, we will be offering three new classes:


Do you know how to retain your firearm? Do you know how to access it in a fight? We teach people how to control the firearm’s line of fire, disarm the attacker, and gain control. These are some of the principles we teach in this course. Come prepared for hands-on activities to practice these skills. 

Edged Weapon Defense

This course includes principles, moves, and drills to develop a realistic knife defense. Expect hands-on activities, including wrestling, grappling, and striking skills needed in an attack with a bladed object. 

Self Defense 

Our self-defense course teaches students how to handle potential threats or attacks, recognize a potential problem or threat and choose the best option, including leaving, changing the immediate environment, employing verbal tactics, and going hands-on with the attacker.